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Uhlman Communications

Three inspirational audios that very well may change your life
as you know it!


"If you find it difficult to say "Thank you" to a compliment, have relationship problems or trouble reaching financial or career goals, this inspirational audio is for you. These dynamic affirmations on self esteem will move you to the heights of success & happiness. A free work-booklet containing true success stories demonstrating the principles underlying the affirmations accompanies this inspirational audio.
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This inspirational audio contains dozens of strongly-worded financial zingers/affirmations that, when listened to on a regular basis, re programs your subconscious mind to accept & attract prosperity. All you have to do is listen & repeat each affirmation to yourself. Soothing music enhances the process & a free work-booklet accompanies this inspirational audio.
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This inspirational audio is filled with joyous, healthful affirmations. These loving, health-restoring statements will enhance your health to the degree you're willing to play, listen and repeat them. The daily consistent playing of this inspirational audio on the way to work, at home and at bedtime will drive the message deeply into your subconscious. Repeat the affirmations often - as if your life depends on it!
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