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Financial Pot O’Goals


I'm making $$$$ hand over fist... I'm becoming a millionaire...I see myself playing in a room filled with money..."

 If you'd like those statements to be true about, but don't quite trust that they could be, then my inspirational audio  "Financial Pot O'Goals" is exactly what you need. The more you listen to this, the closer you'll come to your dream of financial Independence.

"For I will give you the desires of thy heart".......We always attract what we desire. Your proof is the material and financial evidence in your life at any given time. If you're worrying about not having enough, the money situation may "tighten up" because you're focusing on "lack". How often is your attention on what you desire? Or, have you said "I don't care about being rich, as long as I have enough to get by?"

Napoleon Hill said we all come into life with the equivalent of two envelopes: one envelope is marked "Riches" and contains all the material possessions and wealth we could ever desire.

The second envelope is marked "Penalties" which contains the penalties we will pay if we neglect to take possession of our minds and direct our thoughts towards wealth. This envelope contains ill health, fear and worry, indecision and doubt, frustration and discouragement throughout life, as well as poverty and want.

Eavesdrop periodically on your thoughts, you know the ones, the conversations you had yesterday, what you should have said to whomever-catch them doing their darndest to keep you from having what you want, .then ask -"will that thought give me a) money? or b) Peace and Serenity? If the answer's "no", start a mental drill like "My income is always increasing".....and keep it up until you form a new neuron pathway in your brain. Then the evidence will arrive, bit by bit, more and more. Didn't we learn everything in life by repetition? If I can do it, and I have, then so can you!!!

Additional Information:
This inspirational audio contains dozens of strongly-worded financial zingers/affirmations that, when listened to on a regular basis, re programs your subconscious mind to accept & attract prosperity. All you have to do is listen & repeat each affirmation to yourself. Soothing music enhances the process & a free work-booklet accompanies this inspirational audio.

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