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You are the Star of Your Life



    Someone is eavesdropping on you.
    A judge and a jury
    Ready to pass sentencing
    And guess who's giving them orders.
    You! In the form of your thoughts


  • Where you are today is a result of your thoughts months and years ago. Where you will be two, three or 10 years from now will depend on YOUR DOMINANT THOUGHTS AND GOALS.
  • You can propel yourself to the pinnacle of success in relationships, career, financial areas and physical health by changing your self-talk.
  • Listen to your inspirational audio as if your life depends on it. Since, in a very real way, it does.
  • Studies show anyone can get a two-year college degree in half the time by listening to appropriate inspirational audios back and forth to work each day.
  • Your self-esteem will blossom in response
  • Use a mental mine-sweeper to clear your negative, damaging thoughts every hour. Replace them with positives, i.e., I am the best, I can do it, I am wealthy, I deserve the best.
  • God will allow us to starve if that's what we'll settle for. He gave us all the tools. What we have in our lives materially is an indicator of our thought processes. Our birthright is success. Take it back! Just change the old inspirational audios/records in your head. Adopt the mind set of a millionaire every day.

Additional Information

"If you find it difficult to say "Thank you" to a compliment, have relationship problems or trouble reaching financial or career goals, this inspirational audio is for you. These dynamic affirmations on self esteem will move you to the heights of success & happiness. A free work-booklet containing true success stories demonstrating the principles underlying the affirmations.accompanies this inspirational audio.

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