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"'s simple and straightforward. All Olympic champions know how to do it. They incorporate written goals, a totally positive " I Can Do It" attitude, time after time, with enhanced results. They "see" themselves at the finish line until they're there. Dorothy's formula works!"

Steve McKelvey
Insurance Owner

"Dorothy's clarification of infinite abundance, as well as her insight of how and why we receive, without compromising another's pool of fortune, has profoundly changed my life. The "I Deserve" mind-set I now have is obstacle free! You're The Star Of Your Life epitomizes this."

Denise Moffitt, RN
(Ret'd at 40) now Wall Street Investor

"Be all that you can be. Read Dorothy's booklet, listen to the inspirational audio and let the power of your own mind make you everything you've ever wanted to be. I have seen the results firsthand."

Kay Pruden
Journalist and Free-lance Writer

"Since I'm a Realtor, I'm in my car most of the day. For the past three years I've used this time to listen to motivational or educational inspirational audios. Since listening to Dorothy O'Donnell Uhlman's inspirational audio, Financial Pot O'Goals, my income has increased dramatically, exceeding $15,000 within the past month. Thank you, Dorothy!"

Cheryl J. Timmins, GRI
1996 Olympic Torchbearer

Praise for Dorothy O'Donnell-Uhlman' s newest inspirational audio/booklet You are the Healer:
"Dorothy O'Donnell-Uhlman and Leitha Christie combine their unique talents of clear affirmational and healing vocal vibrations on this inspirational audio to support your personal healing efforts whatever they may be. Proven techniques joyously presented will speed you to your goals. The best investment you can make in your health."

Rev. Edith Cheitman, MSW, Ph.D

"As I spoke the words in the recording of YOU ARE THE HEALER, I felt a shift in my state of mind. One by one, little aches and pains ceased. When I finished the recording, I felt a renewed sense of life energy. Uhlman's words are magic!"

Leitha Christie

"In my yoga classes, I emphasize the powerful connection between body, mind and spirit. In "You are the Healer" you will learn how to change from negative, reactive thinking during stressful situations to positive personal power. By using "self-talk affirmations" you can experience a transformation to physical, mental and emotional healing. Take charge of your own health and well being!"

Dolce Little, BA
Certified Krapalu Yoga Teacher

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