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You are the Healer


This inspirational audio is filled with joyous, healthful affirmations. These loving, health-restoring statements will enhance your health to the degree you're willing to play, listen and repeat them. The daily consistent playing of this inspirational audio on the way to work, at home and at bedtime will drive the message deeply into your subconscious. Repeat the affirmations often - as if your life depends on it!

The Battlefield of the mind is littered with phrases - clues to what is wrong with us. If we could 'eavesdrop' on a cellular level, we might hear..

  • "Olly oxygen...see ya, Eddie's boss is overloading him with work again..."
  • "Hey, Ignatius immune system, ohhhhh---Robin's depressed again. It's kinda cute to watch your downward slide..."
  • "Sally Spine? Gearing up, aren't you? Diane's helping everyone but herself again. You've forced her to give up and lie down for the second time this week..."
  • Dear Heather Heart-Look out....Karrie's husband is agitating her again...Here comes the nitroglycerine, that will help..."
  • "Sarah stomach, is that ANOTHER ulcer you're forming? Doesn't Sam ever learn to quit working himself up...?"
  • Relentless thinking of the following 'type' thoughts can cause health penalties.
  • "I hate him/her........."
  • "What's he use, no one cares....."
  • "I can't take it anymore...."
    "She's making me sick to my stomach....."
  • "He's driving me crazy with his demands....."
  • "Everyone wants a piece of me......."


  • What are we doing to ourselves?
  • What moves our hands, our arms, our legs? Innate human intelligence.
  • But wait! Our subconscious mind 'eavesdrops"...monitoring our thoughts, giving us what we are repetitiously saying in mood, thoughts or words. Did you know the function of our subconscious mind is to 'just take orders?" Sustained anger often creates illness. Chronic condemnation of ourselves & others can result in "hardening of the attitudes and arteries."
  • Our emotions are 'killing us."
  • You can change it, you know.
  • By changing the way you think & speak.
  • You can force yourself to hange...a little at a time...until it becomes a habit!
  • Substitute these affirmations instead..."I shall overcome..."Miracles Happen"..."This, too, shall pass..." I am healed"..."I love life!"

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